Commercial Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

When you use your personal vehicle to conduct business or when your vehicle is used solely for business you are exposed to certain risks that normal use of vehicles isn’t exposed to.  Depending on your business activities you may even be required to have additional protection not offered by basic plate insurance such as additional liability or cargo coverages.  SGI Canada offers specialty Commercial Auto protection to protect your business exposures and your employees who may use your autos in the course of business and to make sure you’re operating in compliance with the law.

Commercial Business Insurance

Operating a business can look a million different ways.  It can be a home-based retail business, a travelling food truck, a manufacturing warehouse, or maybe a trades contractor, and everything in between.  No matter what your business you will have exposure to risk or loss.  With SGI Canada commercial coverage we can provide protection to your building, equipment and tools, and stock from almost every peril you can think of, protecting your capital reserves from liability claims, and issuing bonds as required for project bids or licensing requirements.  Have you considered how a fire might affect your income due to business down time?  How you might be affected if a primary supplier suffers a loss?  Proper commercial coverage can be the difference between your business continuing or not when exposed to a loss.