Personal Insurance

Personal Auto Pak

Auto insurance in Saskatchewan differs from most other provinces.  To drive legally you typically only require valid plate insurance offered by the SGI Auto Fund; but did you know that your plate coverage alone can leave you at risk?  Plate coverage provides only $200,000 in liability coverage and this amount hasn’t been increased in decades.  This means that in the event of a serious claim you could be held responsible for any difference in costs. Plates also come with a $700 deductible on claims which means you pay the first $700 in damage.

To mitigate this inherent risk, we offer the SGI Canada Autopak.  This offers optional coverage of $2-5 million additional liability protection, lower deductibles for claims arising out of all circumstances (even waived in some), potential use of a rental vehicle if your insured auto is incapacitated for an extended period due to a claim, replacement cost coverage on brand new autos which protects you from depreciation risk, road hazard glass coverage to repair damage from flying rocks or falling debris from other vehicles, and most importantly family security coverage which protects you from uninsured or underinsured motorists.

Seasonal storage of your vehicle?  Own a motorcycle? Own a snowmobile?  Restore antique vehicles?  Own a camper or motorhome? The SGI Canada Autopak has coverages available for these as well.

Habitational Insurance

Whether you own your home, own a condo, own a seasonal dwelling, or rent your dwelling, you are at risk of a major financial loss if disaster strikes; but SGI Canada offers plans to cover your home and belongings regardless of your living situation. 

The purchase of a home or condo is likely the biggest investment you’ll make in your life on top of most of your belongings being centralized in one location and we want to help you protect that investment.  Our brokers would like to discuss your individual needs and recommend options to give you the peace of mind you deserve knowing in the event of a loss you’ll be back to normal as soon as possible.

A condo represents unique risks in every individual circumstance.  Most condo boards insure the base building but as a condo owner you need to protect your belongings, upgrades to your unit, and cover shortfalls the condo board’s insurance may have.  Each condo agreement will have different requirements and our brokers can make sure you get the right protection for your circumstance.

Your seasonal dwelling or cabin faces unique risks due to vacancy or regular access issues.  It can also represent a major investment both financially and emotionally that need protection just as a regular home would.

If you’re a renter you likely don’t have any interest in the building you live in, however you still have exposure to liability claims and loss of your personal belongings, as well as increased costs if you’re displaced because of a loss to your rental building.  The SGI Canada Tenant Pak offers protections for the circumstances faced by renters, whether it be a basement suite, an apartment, or rental of an entire home.  

Do you own a watercraft? Own an ATV?  Expensive jewellery, furs, or electronics?  SGI Canada habitational paks have coverages available for these as well.